Welcome to 2 Wings Crafts & Creation.

Hi I'm Brenda, the owner of 2wings! I am a mother of 3. In 12/2022 I lost my son, 1 month before his 19th birthday. Months went by and I debated going back to work in the medical field, but didn't feel strong enough to face the world again. I sat around contemplating how I can be a supporting wife and mother, as well as help bring in a second income. So I started 2 wings in remembrance of my son and granddaughter both who passed 2 weeks from each other in 2022. My husband is an amazing man and we continue this grieving journey together. I found that making shirts, tumblers and prints help keep me busy. Even though I miss him dearly, I am still able to make all these wonderful tee's, tumblers and prints with so much love.

Thank you in advance for supporting me in this small dream that I wish to make a REALITY!!